God is doing a great work around the world. This story came to us from our team working in China. Though Unite Life, we get to see so many people come to Christ but, unfortunately, we do not always get to hear about the way God works in their life after they leave our platform. It is so encouraging to hear these stories of connections and friendships that are formed as people pursue the Lord.


Recently, some people from our China team went to visit a man named Lee. Brother Lee volunteers at church in Linyi, China. They were able to talk to him and hear about what God is doing in their church. Lee’s church is one that we partner with and get guests connected. When a guest connects with a church, we no longer have communication with them. They are placed into the hands of the host. It was so exciting to hear from Lee and hear about how God has been working through our hosts and volunteers.


Lee told us about a man who had visited the church in March of 2018. He said this friend got connected through one of our original platforms. He visited the church and soon decided to get baptized. He and Lee got connected and soon became good friends. Now, they encourage each other and chase God together. They study the Bible and serve together.


We love getting to see these kinds of relationships being formed and the way God puts people together to encourage each other and build each other up.

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