Monika’s story is yet another testament of God’s goodness and faithfulness in bringing joy and peace. God came and saved her in the depths of hopelessness and depression. Through hearing about the Lord and developing a relationship with Him, she has been able to find joy and purpose in her life. 


Monika is a woman from Nagpur, India. Although we do not know the specifics of what she has been facing, we know she was dealing with several problems. There were so many things and struggles weighing on her soul. Because of her struggles, she lost the joy in her life. Since she did not know the Lord, she did not have a consistent source of joy and she was left feeling hopeless. She told the team that she was constantly depressed. She has also lost all motivation and did not have an interest in anything. Without the Lord, Monika had no reason or will to do anything. 


The team contacted her and prayed with her over the phone. They prayed that she would find freedom from her depression and sense of hopelessness. They also prayed over the difficult situations in her life. During their conversation, they told her about the love of God and the light it could bring to her life. Immediately, she was eager to get connected with a host in her area. 


She was connected with a host who helped to continue pouring into her. The host’s wife reached out to her and invited her to go to church. The women went to church together and the host’s wife continues to disciple her and is a friend to her. 


God continues to show His faithfulness through the powerful testimonies of the people in India. Monika’s story is one of the many examples of God pulling people out of hopeless situations and showing them His love, joy, and peace.

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