Here at Unite Life, we are dedicated to connecting new believers and those who are questioning, to healthy Christian fellowship. We have created a cutting edge technology platform for people around the world to be able to find discipleship and get connected to  Christian community, one that will build them up and teach them about the Lord.


The organization began as our co-founder, Dwayne was ministering to people in China. He had a heart for the people there and felt led to tell them about the Lord. He moved to China and gathered a team of people with the same vision. They began to find new, innovative ways to share the gospel in a country where Christianity is against the law. The team created a technology platform that would reach the Chinese people through social media, apps, and websites.


As the technology began to take off the team was faced with the practical issue of, what happens to these people after they hear about the Lord? If they have no community, or place to grow and learn, they are left lost. They are hearing about the Lord, but without a community to teach and uplift them, will they really be able to grow in their faith? People who are coming to faith need the community of a local church.


The Unite Life team found a solution for this important question and created a cutting edge platform, designed to connect people into churches and local Christian community. The team was able to bridge the gap between online decisions and physical, face-to-face connections. We have built a simple platform that connects new believers and seekers to churches and communities on the ground in their area. We partner with several global ministries to expand our reach and share the gospel with as many people as possible.


While it is exciting to be able to see all God is doing and the reach of this ministry through the physical numbers, we are constantly blessed by receiving personal stories from the field. These stories give us a zoomed-in look as to the true fruits of our work in partnership with the Lord. They also serve as a reminder that what we are doing is larger than a number, and the impact is measured in the transformative power of God moving in the lives of people worldwide.


I hope you are all as blessed and encouraged by these stories as we are.



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