About Us

Technology paved a highway for the gospel to travel to the ends of the earth. Every day millions of seekers worldwide search online for answers and find their way to a gospel presentation. Once they’ve heard the good news of Jesus, what happens next? How do we connect these people online to a local church on the ground for further discipleship?

Unite Life exists to be an answer to that question.

Our History

Unite Life’s founder, Dwayne Stoltzfus, followed God’s call and moved his family to China in 2010 with a vision to reach the Chinese people with the gospel. Opportunities on college campuses led to creating a technology platform, one of the first Christian media companies in the country, reaching Chinese people through social media, apps, and websites.

As the ministry grew, the need for connection was clear. People coming to faith online needed the community of a local church. In 2013 Unite Life brought a solution to the obstacle by building a simple platform connecting new believers to churches on the ground, where discipleship and community happen.

After our initial launch in China, Unite Life conducted a follow-up pilot reaching out to seekers who previously connected through our platform. Following up as far out as twelve months after their initial connection revealed 44% personally attended a healthy Christian community. Our pilot in China gave us a blueprint to reach, connect, and follow up with the rest of the world.

In 2014 Unite Life partnered with Global Media Outreach and East West Ministries. These partnerships opened the floodgates to reach millions of people through digital evangelism and connect them to local churches.

In 2018 we built our technology to scale globally, enabling us to expand into India, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan in 2019.

Our Technology

Process drives our technology. As the seeker takes their journey online, they engage in partner content such as gospel presentations, Bible downloads, and discipleship materials. The Unite Life Platform tracks all this data and immediately works to securely connect the seeker to a host church in their country via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. The host connects with the seeker to follow up, offers further discipleship, and invites them to church at the appropriate time.

As a user-friendly platform connecting seekers to church leaders, we created a state-of-art, data-driven tool that ensures every person has an opportunity to connect to Christian community in their local area.

New believers want to join a healthy church. Church leaders want their communities to grow. Unite Life is the solution.