Anand lives in India and works as an IT professional, and he accepted Christ ten years ago. He has walked faithfully with Him and had seen Him move in miraculous ways throughout his life. He came across the Unite Life advertisement when he was looking for a new church home. Anand had recently moved for work, and because of this, he had to leave his church home. After leaving his church, he was desperately searching for a place for him to be able to connect into a healthy Christian community. 


After he filled the form, a Unite Life representative contacted him. While they were on the phone, Anand expressed that he had been having a difficult time in the new city. He told the team member that he feels like he won’t be able to survive in this place. After hearing this, the team member told him he would pray for him to be able to move. Anand responded saying, “No brother, God has a plan in my life, I believe that strongly. If this is God’s plan and purpose, I wish to stay here and move forward rather than praying for a transfer.” 


The team member prayed over Anand and helped him find a good church in the area. He is thankful to be connected in his new city. Although this transition has not been easy, he told us that he is excited about the place that the Lord has him and his family. Please pray over our dear brother with us. Pray that God would protect him and his family and give them peace.

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