After seeing what God was doing in the lives of the people around him, Arun wanted to pursue a relationship with the Lord. He found the Unite Life platform, and we were able to get him connected and help him learn more about Jesus. Since getting connected, he has been faithfully growing in his relationship with the Lord. 


The guest, Arun came across our platform and immediately knew he wanted to get connected. At the time, he did not have a relationship with Christ and he did not know much about Him. He had, however, seen the Lord work and change the lives of the people close to him. Thorugh the testimonies of the people in his life, he was led to pursue the Lord. 


It is such an encouragement to hear about the power of testimonies. It was not a message or teaching that led this man to seek the Lord, but rather, seeing the Lord work in others’ lives. He saw God’s goodness and power and he knew he had to know more. 


Arun got connected to a host and has been growing in his relationship with the Lord. He testifies that after being connected, he can truly see God’s goodness and faithfulness in his own life. He feels blessed and a deep sense of peace. Now, he wants to continue to grow in his faith and he has a determination to pursue the Lord. He says that the Lord has protected him from all danger and has been working in his life. Praise God!


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