Our brother Bhukya experienced, first-hand, the freedom that comes from God’s word. We are so excited to hear the story from this new believer. He was from a gypsy tribe, so for his whole life, he had been exposed to many different beliefs, cultures, and religions. Despite his exposure to so many ideas and beliefs, the moment he heard about Jesus, everything changed. 


Bhukya was scrolling online when he kept seeing advertisements for Unite Life. When he finally clicked on one of these ads, he was presented with the gospel. After he read it, something changed in him. He instantly knew that Jesus was real and the only true God. Once the gospel became clear to him, he felt an immediate sense of freedom and relief. 


He entered his information to be able to learn more about Jesus and His good news. He was so excited when he received a call from a host in the area. This host answered some more questions he had and they scheduled a time to meet up. After they met up, the host invited him to begin attending his church. 


Bhukya has been faithfully attending this church and regularly meeting with the host. He is eagerly pursuing the Lord and wants to learn as much as he can. We praise God for a new brother in Christ and for drawing people to Himself.

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