This story from our sister Kavitha is such an encouragement and an amazing example of how the Lord chases down those who are far from Him. When she was running from Him, He chased her down and called her home to Him. 


Kavitha grew up in Chennai, India in a strict orthodox Hindu family. Despite being raised Hindu, she came to know Christ at a young age. She pursued Him and followed Him with her whole heart. As she grew older, however, she was faced with some serious hardships. In the midst of the trials, she began to turn from God and doubt His goodness. 


A few years after she got married, she lost her husband. He grew incredibly sick and died. On top of this, her family did not approve of her faith. They shamed her for it and tried to pressure her to come back to the Hindu faith. Because of their pressure and ridicule, and her intense grief, she began to doubt God and turn from her faith. 


A while after she left her faith, she felt God calling her back to Himself. She was intrigued and wanted to know more about Christ. She went online and began searching for more information about Jesus. She was also curious about getting connected to a Christian community and developing relationships with other Christians. 


While she was searching, she came across the Unite Life platform. She was so excited because it was exactly what she was looking for. She filled out the form and soon received a call from our connect team. Not long after, she received a call from a host. This host and his wife got her connected to their church and she has been attending regularly with them ever since. 

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