Despite her family struggles and hardships in her life, Flora has saught the Lord and has seen Him move in mighty ways. God has freed her of many trials in her life and has given her a new joy. Flora was not raised hearing about the Lord, but instead, she grew up in a strict Muslim family. On top of this, her dad was not in the picture. Many of her relatives are involved in demonic rituals and practice black magic. She also informed us that many of her relatives actually cast spells against her, trying to turn her from her faith. 


Flora tells us that in the midst of all the struggles with her family, among other trials, she found the Unite Life platform and heard about Jesus. She heard about the gospel and quickly decided to get connected. She filled out the connect form and was eager to get plugged into a healthy Christian community and learn more about Jesus. 


Quickly after reaching out, our connect team was able to get Flora plugged into a church and connected to a host in her area. She has been regularly attending ever since! She told us that God has already delivered her from many struggles in her life, and she has faith that He can deliver her family. It is encouraging to see her praying for her family even as they persecute her. She has been seeking prayer for her relatives who seek to harm her and practice black magic. She wants them to see the truth and to experience the same joy that she has. 


Our team is truly inspired by her boldness in sharing her testimony and we admire her in the way that she loves her lost relatives so well. We know that she is such a blessing to those around her and that God has already been doing some amazing things through her. 


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