This testimony comes from a man named Ramakanth. This man is from Bihar, an area in northern India. He grew up conforming to the Hindu faith, but recently made a call to the Unite Life call center, searching for more.


Although Ramakanth comes from a high-up, influential family, he cannot find a proper job and is struggling to find a place for work. Despite his family’s status and devout faith in the Hindu gods, he lacked peace in his life. Because of his work struggles, there were always fights in his home and no rest in his mind. 


He struggled to understand why he was having these issues. He has such faith in his gods, and he believed this faith would keep him from struggles. He could not understand why he continued to suffer even though he had been nothing but faithful to his gods. 


He says, “I have always had faith in all my gods but I couldn’t find the reason behind the problem. No god is able to save me from such a situation and that’s when I just thought of trying Christian God.” In a desperate search for some hope and peace, Ramaksnth decided to try to learn more about this “Christian God”. He came across Unite Life and filled out the form, giving us his contact information. 


Once we had his contact information, we were able to reach out to him and talk to him. Someone from the call center reached out and shared the gospel with him. They also prayed with him over the phone and connected him with a host. The host reached out to him as well and got to talk to him. The host was able to tell him more about Jesus and salvation. 


The host is continuing to pour into this man and tell him more about Christ and the gospel. Please keep him in your prayers. Pray over his work situation and that the Lord would touch him and use him to impact his family and bring peace to his home. 

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