Our sister Kavita shared with us her story of hope. Although she was a believer, she was unable to attend a church and get plugged into a healthy Christian community. Even though she went through many hardships in her life, she did not give up on God. She had seen Him move in her own life, and she knew that He would never give up on her. 


Before she was married, Kavita regularly attended a pentecostal church and was a strong believer. After her marriage, however, she was not able to attend a healthy church. She still kept a relationship with the Lord despite not having a good community to encourage her. She did not want to give up on a relationship with God and turn away from Him because she had seen His healing power in her own life. 


One day, as she was reading on her Bible app, she came across an advertisement for Unite Life. She was so excited and happy to be able to finally get connected to a church. She got connected with a host who talked to her and prayed with her over the phone. 


She wants to share her faith and help people to understand God’s unconditional love for them. She hopes to bless others through her story and the way she lives for the Lord.

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