Our team recently connected with a young man named Koti. This guest struggles with some health issues and is overwhelmed by his work and the trials in his life. He lives in India and works to provide for his parents. After finishing school, he began working and became the main source of income for his family. This has been a great stressor in his life.


Koti also deals with severe migraines and is in constant pain. He has struggled with this for over six years. Because of the migraines, Koti has to take some heavy medication that causes him to have memory loss as well as some other unwanted side effects. He told us that when he gets pain in his head, he just feels so angry and frustrated. He feels like there is no hope and no relief from this pain. This pain and frustration has created a great sense of anxiety in his life and has caused him to drive himself into isolation. He has separated himself from people and does not want to go anywhere or meet any new people. His anxiety has taken over his life and he would rather spend his time alone. 


In his hopelessness, Koti came across the Unite Life platform. The amazing part is that he was not even searching for hope; he was only looking at the news. It is amazing to see he the Lord sought him out and gave him hope even when he was not looking for it. 


Koti filled out the form to get connected and receive prayer. Our team member contacted him and prayed over his health and all the other trials he was facing. He told him that God will heal him of all his burdens if he just believes. Koti responded, saying that he will believe once he is healed.


We have connected our guest with a host in the area, and he has been attending the host’s church. The host has been speaking with him and guiding him in truth. Please pray with us that God will reveal Himself to Koti and that He would heal him.


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