We recently received a story from a man named Mahender Pal. We are praying for his salvation and a change in his life. He came across Unite Life and the Lord began pulling on his heart. Mahender decided to fill out the Unite Life connect form one day while he was out with his friends. He heard about Jesus and the power of salvation. After hearing about this, he wanted to know more. After he filled the form, his friends that he was with began to make fun of him, so he regretted reaching out.


A Unite Life representative reached out to him a few days after he filled the form. They asked him why he filled the connect form. Mahender Pal told them that it was an accident and he was no longer interested. Despite this, the Unite Life team member took this as an opportunity to minister to him. He told Mahender about the healing power of the Lord. Immediately after the team member started talking about this, Mahender cut the call.


Only a few minutes later, however, Mahender called back and asked if there was any way he could get some prayer for his brother. His brother had been severely injured from an accident, that made half his body stop working. He wondered if Jesus really could heal. The team member connected Mahender to a host in the area. The host called him and prayed for his brother. While they were on the phone, he also told him some more about Jesus and the gospel.


Now, Mahender has hope that his brother will be healed. He has loved learning more about the Lord and the hope of the gospel. Continue to pray for Mahender. Pray that the Lord would continue to draw him closer and reveal Himself. 

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