Our brother Manish recently heard the good news and decided to follow Christ. He was unsure of the gospel at first, but now that he has seen Christ’s love and power, he wants to spread this good news to everyone around him. He is passionate about sharing Christ with young people and helping people to encounter the living God. 


Manish is a student in India who came across the Unite Life platform one day as he was scrolling on the internet. When he saw an advertisement for Unite Life, he decided to click on it out of curiosity. He filled out the connect form, but was still hesitant to actually get connected. A team member gave him a call, but Manish told him that he was not interested. Later, however, he sent a WhatsApp message saying that he would love to get connected. We do not know what happened between the time of the phone call and when he sent the message, but we praise God that he had a change of heart. 


We found a host and got him connected, but he ended up backing out again, saying that he lost interest and got scared. The team member encouraged him and assured him that there is nothing to worry about. Manish finally agreed to have a conversation with the host. 


During this conversation, the host encouraged him and prayed with him. Manish shared that during their conversation, he felt the touch of God. He was so happy that he got connected and was so excited to get to know more about Jesus. Now, he is pursuing the Lord and only continues to grow in his relationship with Him.


Manish desperately wants to share his testimony and tell others about what the Lord has done in his life. He wants young people like himself to know the truth of Jesus Christ and be able to experience Him as he did. Now that he knows the truth, he does not want to stay silent. 


We praise God for a beautiful testimony and for Manish’s passion. We know that he will only continue to grow in his relationship with the Lord and we are excited to see how God uses him to minister to the people around him.

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