Marimuthu’s testimony is so inspiring and encouraging. It shows the true impact you can have by living for the Lord. He was so touched and baffled by the lives of the Christians around him, that he had to know more about the God we follow. This story is a great reminder that our life is a ministry. 


Marimuthu lives in a town called Udumalapet and comes from a Hindu family. His sister, who used to conform to the Hindu faith, met the Lord and saw His power in her own life. She was radically saved and became a witness to her brother. Before Marimuthu’s sister was saved, her child was terribly oppressed. After her salvation, the child was able to miraculously find freedom and healing through the mighty power of Jesus. When she saw the glory of the Lord, she knew He was real and gave her life to Him. Once she was saved, she began to witness to everyone around her, including her brother, Marimuthu. He started to see a drastic change in her life and he became more and more curious about the God she was serving. 


Another major witness in his life was a friend of his. This friend was able to minister to him just by living his life for the Lord and finding joy in Him. Marimuthu’s friend worked as a carpenter but was much more content than Marimuthu who worked as a building contractor, making more money. Marimuthu began to wonder and ask himself, “I earn better than the carpenter, why am I not satisfied, and why don’t I have a contented life?” As he was wondering, he began to remember what his friend said about Christ and that following Him will bring joy, peace, and fulfillment. 


One day, as he was scrolling through his phone, he came across an advertisement for Unite Life. Determined to pursue Christ and learn more about Him, he filled out the form to get connected to a church host. Since then, he has been connected and gotten plugged into a church. The host has shared the gospel with him and continues to tell him about the Lord. 


It is amazing to see how our friend Marimuthu was so deeply impacted by the Christians in his life. He began to seek God because he saw what the Lord had done in the lives of the people close to him. He did not come to Christ through someone preaching to him or even disciplining him. He came to know Christ because he saw, first hand, what He could do in his life. This is a powerful testimony and such an encouragement to all believers. It is a reminder that, while preaching and ministering are powerful tools in advancing the Kingdom, there is power in the way we live our lives. The way we live our day-to-day lives is the greatest ministry possible. 

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