We receive so many exciting stories of lives that are radically transformed by hearing the gospel. We love hearing these stories, and they serve as such encouragements, but more often, salvation stories are not as exhilarating as we wish them to be.


We need to take caution as to never discount the stories of those who come to Christ slowly, those who, little-by-little, begin to know God and trust Him more and more. These are the stories that are more realistic. While we do need to rejoice with those who instantly leave everything to chase after Christ, we need to learn to rejoice in the baby steps. We can all learn to intentionally praise God in the midst of the searching, questioning, and skepticism. Let us not only rejoice as God begins to reveal Himself to His children but let us cover them in prayer as they discover more about their savior. We should learn to take a moment to pray over the people who are interested in His Word, that they would continue to pursue Him, and ultimately, commit their lives to a relationship with Him.


I would encourage you to pray for our sister Kamala. Kamala is from Pune, in the middle of India. Although she comes from a Buddhist family, she felt led to call Unite Life to ask for prayer. She called, asking for prayer for her future. Although this seems like a simple request, her pursuit of prayer opened a door for us to be able to connect her to a host and tell her about the God that holds her whole life. 


Kamala was willing to get connected with a host, who prayed for her over the phone. She lives near the host and wants to start attending the church. She is receptive to the gospel and wants to know more. It is exciting to see how the Lord is working in her life and in the lives of those with similar stories to hers. Let us continue to lift her up in prayer and pray that God would continue to reveal Himself to her and equip the people around her to pour into her and encourage her. 

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