We know the God we worship is one who can bring peace and joy in the midst of chaos and brokenness. While we know this, it is easy to forget and lose sight of it. Sasi’s story is a great reminder of God’s goodness. It is so amazing to see the way God is working around the world: bringing peace and clarity in tough situations. 


Sasi, a woman from southern India, recently called the Unite Life team, asking for prayer. She was in tears as she spoke over the phone about the hardships she was facing at her home. Although she did not share the specifics of her struggles, it was evident that her heart was aching and she was dealing with some difficult situations. 


She shared that she was holding some major grudges against her family for the way they had treated her and the things they had put her through. Her husband was also working abroad, so she was left to deal with all of these issues on her own. Being estranged from her family and separated from her husband, Sasi was left feeling lonely and hopeless. She says she felt “depressed and broken”. 


While on the phone with her, the Unite Life team was able to speak hope and light into her life. Through prayer and counseling, they got to encourage her and point her to the Lord. They told her about Christ’s love and His resurrection power. She was able to hear about how Jesus resurrected from the dead and how he can resurrect her from her brokenness and emptiness. 


The team told her about Christ’s love for her. They helped her to understand what it means to not only pray to God but to pray to him as a loved and redeemed child. On this phone call, they also told her about the importance of forgiveness and helped her understand what it means to truly forgive those who have hurt her, such as her family. They showed her that just as God has forgiven her, she is called to forgive those who have wronged her. 


Sasi called back a week later to tell the team that she has peace and joy in her heart. She has also begun talking to God and forming a relationship with Him. In the words of our dear friends in India, “Praise the name of our Lord Jesus!!!”. God is so good and He truly is the provider of peace.

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