Rakesh was so eager to learn about Christ and get connected. From the moment he came across Unite Life, he only wanted to learn as much as he could about Jesus. Very few guests actually read through the full salvation message before filling out the form, and Rakesh was one of them. 


He came across an ad for Unite Life while he was reading the Bible on his phone. He read the gospel presentation and eagerly decided to get connected. Although he gave us his information, he did not expect that anyone would actually call him. He was surprised and so excited when he received a call from our connect team. 


On the phone call, he shared that he was curious and wanted to know more about Jesus. The team member told him more about Christ and connected him to a host in his area. When he was connected to the host, he felt the presence of the Lord and gave his life to follow Him. 


We are so excited for our new brother in Christ. Continue to pray with us that his relationship with the Lord will only grow and strengthen. Also, pray that his story will be an encouragement to many and that the Lord would use him to minister to people around him. 

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