It is amazing to see the way that God uses those who are willing to serve Him. We hear so many amazing testimonies of lives changed by the gospel, and while these are so encouraging and deserving of recognition, we so often forget to acknowledge the faithful people who bring God’s word to those who are searching. It is just as encouraging to see what comes from saying “yes” to God’s work. 


We get to see several men and women throughout the world agree to partner with us and open up their ministries to those desperate for the gospel. What we often fail to recognize, however, is the risk these people put themselves in for the sake of advancing the kingdom of God and the courage it takes to minister in the way they do. 


I was reminded of this through a story we received recently. Through reading this story, I was encouraged to recognize the sacrifice these hosts make to provide a place for men and women to come and find community and discipleship. It urged me to stop and pray for those who risk their lives for this cause. It also serves as a great illustration of what can come when you boldly step into what God is calling you to, even if it is hard or scary. 


This story is about a new host named Biju who only recently connected with Unite Life. Pastor Biju wanted to serve but was unsure about connecting with us. He was worried about his security and safety. We connected him with a guest, and although he was reluctant at first, he eventually agreed to talk to this guest, Jai. Although he was afraid, he boldly decided to reach out to this man who was searching, and faithfully poured into him. 


Jai, who comes from a strictly Hindu family, called Unite Life searching for guidance and help in his life. Although we do not know the specifics of what he was dealing with, we know he was lost and searching for the peace and hope that can only come from the Lord. We also know that God led him specifically to Pastor Biju. 


We connected Jai to Pastor Biju who was able to meet with him in person and give him his own Bible. Although he has not yet fully devoted his life to Christ, he is interested. He continues to pursue Christ and learn more about him. We pray that the Lord would continue to reveal Himself to our friend Jai. 


We are so grateful to continue to see what comes from Biju’s faithfulness and trust in the Lord. It is such an encouragement to hear the testimonies that happen as a result of people who risk their safety, comfort, and convenience to advance God’s kingdom.  

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