We recently received a story from a young girl named Renu Bala. Renu has been growing in her faith and has been steadily pursuing the Lord after seeing Him move in her own life. He has done a work in her life, and after seeing His goodness and His power, her whole family has begun following Him. 


When Renu came across the Unite Life platform, she quickly filled the form to be connected. Throughout her life, she had heard a lot about God and the Bible through some friends and other acquaintances. She wanted to know more about Jesus and Christianity and was eager to get connected. When our connect team member got in contact with the guest, we learned that her mother had recently been hospitalized.


The team member contacted a host in the area asking for prayer. A female leader from a local church visited the hospital in person to pray for Renu’s mother. Soon after this, she was healed and able to go home. After seeing her mother get healed, Renu’s faith was strengthened and she began pursuing the Lord even more. She began regularly reading the Bible her aunt gave her as well as listening to worship songs.


Renu saw the Lord’s power and goodness once again when her mom was healed from another problem. She had accidentally poured acid in her eyes, mistaking it for her eye drops. While this should have permanently blinded her, the Lord restored her eyesight and quickly took away all pain in her eyes.


Both Renu and her family grew to know the Lord through seeing His hand in their lives. Unfortunately, the family was unable to attend a church in person due to the lockdown, but the Unite Life team member got them connected to a host in the area. He encouraged them to watch some sermons online until they could meet in person. Renu’s whole family is now growing steadily in their faith. Praise God!


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