We received a story from a man named Sandeep who recently accepted Christ and is steadily pursuing a relationship with Him. Before hearing about Jesus, he was experiencing difficulty with his business and was under extreme stress. He is a businessman and owns a hardware shop. Unfortunately, his company was not doing well, and he was on the verge of losing his shop.


One day when he was scrolling on Facebook, he came across an interesting advertisement. He was intrigued and decided to click. The link took him to a gospel presentation. After reading the article, he was filled with hope and enthusiasm. Immediately, he knew he could find breakthrough in his life through prayer. Sandeep was excited to learn more about Jesus and salvation and he quickly filled the connect form.


Our connect team as able to quickly get him connected to a host in his area. Soon after, one of our host contacted him over the phone. After talking over the phone, the host visited Sandeep’s home and told him more about Jesus and what it looks like to be in a relationship with Him. 


After he had been attending the church for a while, Sandeep began to see breakthrough in his life and his business. He began to find peace and joy and his relationship with Christ only continued to grow. The host continued to pour into Sandeep and disciple him.


As his relationship with the Lord grew, he decided to take the next step and get baptized. Because of this decision, his family was able to hear about Christ. When they attended his baptism ceremony, the host was able to share the gospel with them. Although he is a new believer, Sandeep has a powerful testimony that has already been used to lead many people to the Lord. All glory to God! 


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