We recently received an encouraging testimony from a brother named Santhosh. Since hearing about the Lord, he has been eager to know more and to share this knowledge with those around him. He has been a light to his family and those in his community.


One day, as Santhosh was looking around online, he came across an advertisement for the Unite Life platform. He saw the connect form, and although he did not understand exactly what it was, he decided to fill the form and get connected. He did not know the Lord and had never heard about the Good News, yet something led him to fill out the form and learn more.


A few days after filling out the form, Santhosh received a call from the connect team. They told him about the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus. They told him that Christ could bring peace and deliverance. When he head about all God could do in his life, he only wanted to know more. He said he was interested in attending a church, so he was connected with a host. Unfortunately, the closest host was an hour away from Santhosh.


The host reached out to Santhosh to disciple him and invite him to church. Although it was a far trip, Santhosh said it was worth it and he plans to attend every week. He is eager to learn more about the Lord and he does not care what it costs him.


Since attending the church, Santhosh has invited many people in his life, including his family, friends, and neighbors. The Lord has changed his life and he wants everyone around him to experience the same joy that he has in the Lord. He wants to help them see the truth and know the goodness of the Lord. Since knowing the Lord, Santhosh has found a new joy and he now has a peace of mind that he did not have before. We are thankful for all that the Lord is doing in and through our brother Santhosh.


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