A man named Navaneetha Krishna recently called searching for some information about God and salvation. He is a student, currently in his 3rd year of college, living in Dindigul, India. Although he is from a Hindu family, Navaneetha has come across a few different Christian communities. He has been exposed to Christianity and knows about Jesus. Although he heard about the gospel, he decided not to get baptized. We learned that it was because he still had several unanswered questions and he did not fully understand salvation. He wondered what the difference is between worshiping Jesus and Mary and why we have big, corporate churches, among other questions. 


Although he was interested in Christianity and wanted to pursue the Lord, he was still very confused and not fully convinced that everything about God and salvation is true. The host says that he seems to be about 70% convinced. Although he has not been baptized, he has been searching for answers on his own by reading his Bible. 


He called us, looking for some guidance and clarity. We connected him with a host who can help to disciple him and give him answers to some of the questions he has. They plan to meet up in Chennai so they can speak face-to-face. 


Be sure to keep Navaneetha in your prayers. Pray that the Lord continues to open his heart and draw him to Himself. Our friend is searching and wants to know the Lord, but is still full of doubt and unanswered questions. As he continues to find clarity, he is closer to accepting Christ. Pray that the Lord will reveal Himself and that he will be able to find all the answers he is looking for. 


God has been doing such an amazing work in India through the Unite Life call center. It is so powerful that this man reached out, hungry to hear more about Jesus. We are so blessed to be able to be a part of this and to guide those who are searching for the Lord. We are constantly praying for more seekers and for more opportunities to share God’s truth. It is so amazing to see God’s work. We are so excited to hear many more stories like this one.

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