We recently received a testimony from our brother Shakthivel. He was able to find hope, joy, and a purpose in the Lord. Still, he continues to pursue Christ and learn more about Him. He came across the Unite Life platform by accident but was eager to get connected and hear about Jesus. He was bold enough to express his doubts and ask some hard questions. Thanks to his boldness, he was able to receive the answers he was looking for. He has been able to find peace in his life and purpose in his worship.


Shakthivel is a store owner who lives in India and was a highly religious man. He regularly attended the temple to worship the Hindu gods. Despite his devout worship and devotion to the gods, he found no peace in his worship. 


One day, he was going through a website, when an advertisement popped up on his screen. This ad said that it could tell him how to get to heaven. This interested him and piqued his curiosity. He clicked the ad and filled out the Unite Life connect form. 


When he was connected, he expressed even more interest in learning about heaven and the gospel. He wanted to find out more about Jesus and what it means to follow him. We connected him to a host in his area who would be able to disciple him and answer some more questions. 


The host admitted that before their first conversation, he went in with a judgemental attitude. This host, however, was astonished and convicted by the guest’s eagerness and excitement to hear about the gospel learn more about Jesus. 


Shakthivel was not afraid to share some of his doubts with the host and ask some difficult questions. The host was happy to answer these questions and give him even more clarity and excitement about the good news. 


Shakthivel is now connected to a church and plans to attend as soon as he can. We praise God for a new brother in Christ and this brother’s pursuit of truth and knowledge of the gospel. His active search for answers and clarity is so inspiring and such an encouragement.

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