Jeyanthi grew up in the Hindu faith, but she found no peace in her life. She began searching for something that could bring peace in her life, and she found this peace when she met the Lord. She knew that there was something missing in her life, so she decided to try going to a church and learning about Jesus. This changed her life forever.


She found the Unite Life platform and decided to get connected. When the team member reached out to her, she expressed that she was going through a tough time and was willing to get connected to a church. She did not open up right away about what was happening in her life, but our team member connected her with a host in the area who could encourage her, counsel her, and pray for her.


A few weeks later, Jeyanthi called the team member once again to open up about the struggles in her life. She shared that she was married, but a while after getting married, her husband became a drunkard. After he began drinking, he stopped contributing to the family and earning money to support them. She was left to work and support her husband and children on her own. 


After being connected to a host, she has given her life to the Lord. She has been regularly attending church and praying in her home. She is now praying for the salvation of her family. The host is also trying to help her find a better job so she can fully support herself and her family.


Although she is still facing hardships in her life, Jeyanthi has found the peace that was missing for so long. Please pray with us for our dear sister. Pray that she will be able to find a good job to support her family, for her husband’s deliverance, and for the salvation of her family.


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