Sweety (Soma) Kumar is from Kolkata. She belongs to a Hindu family and is living with her husband and daughter. Soma testified that Unite Life was able to help her get connected back into the church and find a healthy Christian community. She and her husband are the only Christians in a strict Hindu family. Being the only believers, they felt ostracized and outcast. They were connected to a church at one point but were not able to get connected back in. She tried to get in touch with her old pastor but never heard a response from him.


Soma was heartbroken and lonely because of the way she had been outcast from her family. They would always avoid her and ignore her because of her faith. In the midst of this, she was also dealing with some sickness and health problems. Soma wanted nothing more than to be able to read her Bible, pray, fellowship with other believers, and learn more about the Lord. Unfortunately, she could not read, so she was unable to get in the Word and she had no kind of Christian community other than her husband.


One day, as she was looking at the Bible app, Soma found the Unite LIfe platform. She quickly filled the form to get connected. She was excited to talk to a host and get connected to a church. On top of this, Soma also wanted to receive prayer for her family, that they would turn to the Lord.


Soon after filling the form, she was connected to a local church. The host called her and prayed with her over the phone. After this, she felt so much peace and blessing and she began praising Jesus. She has been attending church regularly and has been going to Christian coaching sessions. She and her husband have been persistently sharing the gospel with their family. Praise God!


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