Even as a kid, the Lord was planting seeds in Srinu’s life. He was chasing him down and drawing him to Himself. Although it took a while for him to accept the Lord, He was with him for his whole life. 


Growing up, Srinu lived in a small farming village in India. He came from a strict Hindu family. Despite being surrounded by the Hindu faith, he was exposed to Christianity at a young age. One of his friends from school was bold enough to share their faith with him. Although he did not accept Christ as a child, this friend and his willingness to share the gospel, planted a seed in Srinu’s heart. 


Once he was an adult, both of Srinu’s parents converted to Christianity. A local church pastor had shared the gospel with them and led them to the Lord. Although his family had begun to follow God, Srinu was still doubtful and did not want to become a Christian. Even though he was not yet a Christian, many seeds had been planted through his friend and family.


Eventually, he began to question some things about life. He wanted to know the reason for life and what his purpose is. In his questioning, he began to seek God. While he was searching for more information about Jesus and Christianity, he came across a gospel presentation. After hearing the gospel, he decided to give his life to the Lord and fill out the Unite Life form. 


When he filled the form, he was expecting to receive some devotional information. He did not realize he was going to be connected to a host who would help him get involved with a community of believers. Srinu was so excited when he received the call from the host. It was unexpected but so appreciated. He met with the host in person and he now regularly attends the host’s church. 

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