Our Story

Unite Life is focused on giving every person the opportunity to connect with healthy Christian community. We partner with churches and ministries to connect with people who are searching online for questions about God or a church home.

In 2011, Unite Life’s co-founder Dwayne Stoltzfus answered the call of God and moved with his family to China. With the vision of reaching the Chinese people with the good news of Jesus, Dwayne gathered a team and began building businesses that would build the Kingdom. Opportunities to speak on college campuses led to the creation of a technology platform that would reach the Chinese people through social media, apps, and websites.

But as the ministry grew, the need for connection was clear. People who were coming to faith online needed the community of a local church. Unite Life brought a solution to the obstacle by building a simple platform that helps connect new believers to churches on the ground, where discipleship and community happens.

Partnered with global ministries, the Unite Life team could see technology creating a path for millions of people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can reach people with digital evangelism, but these people need to be connected on the ground.

Our inspiration starts with a simple question: 


New believers want to join a healthy church. Church leaders want their communities to grow. Unite Life is the solution. As a user-friendly platform connecting seekers to church leaders, we are creating a state-of-art, data driven tool that ensures every person has an opportunity to connect to a healthy Christian community in their local area.