Due to the sensitive nature of global ministry work, photos are not available and some names may be altered.


Dwayne Stoltzfus

Dwayne is an entrepreneur, starting businesses and NGO’s in the US and in Asia. In 2006 Dwayne and his brother bootstrapped the start of the Texas based security company Smith Monitoring. In 2014, the company sold to NRG, a fortune 250 company. Dwayne has co-founded several mentoring/leadership development projects focused in developing nations. Dwayne is also the Cofounder and Principal of Zealot Ventures, a company that does growth consulting and Angel Investing, primarily in the home services industry. Dwayne holds a Master of Arts degree in Theo-Sociology from Regent University. Dwayne also serves on the board of several global organizations.


Sean Jones
Technology Advisor

Sean brings more than 15 years of combined software development, project management, and leadership skills to Unite Life’s team. He is able to serve partners by being a key coordinator with international teams and loves seeing solutions worked out that help get more people responding to the gospel and connected to churches.

Marcus stern
Executive director

As Executive Director, Marcus brings 20 year’s experience consulting over 50 nonprofit organizations around the world providing leadership coaching, organizational development and major gift fundraising. He holds a B.S. with a minor in Sociology from Southeastern University and a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Marcus has helped launch multiple foundations, served as Senior Development Director with Global Media Outreach, President of PaxGlobal, Regional Director for the Jerusalem Institute of Justice and Director of Student Life with Southeastern University.


Mary Martin

Mary has over 12 years of marketing and communications experience, and for the past eight years she has dedicated her career to writing, designing, and sharing stories. She is the owner of Lift Communications, a consulting firm focused on supporting small nonprofits, and she is Editor of Dallas Doing Good, a blog centered around volunteer and nonprofit conversations. 


Michael Sanford
Executive administrator

Michael brings to our team experience in administrative and banking industries. His skills in management and finance help the structure of our organization to operate smoothly. Michael is passionate about seeing the lost find true purpose and loves connecting his finance background with ministry to help advance the Gospel to the nations.



Caleb is an international entrepreneur and life coach based out of McKinney Texas who has started a number of successful businesses over the last 20 years. His focus is building transformative kingdom impact through strategic projects and partnerships. The systems and processes he helps pioneer are enabling people throughout Asia to be planted into local Christian communities like never before.


Advisory Board


Trey Bowles

A serial entrepreneur, social capitalist, and educator. He co-founded the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (The DEC), a central location for entrepreneurs to learn how to start, build, and grow businesses through training, education, mentorship, promotion, and capital investment. Trey also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University where he built and launched an entrepreneurship program in the Arts Entrepreneurship and Arts Management department in the Meadows School of the Arts.

Jason Illian

Jason is a seasoned technology executive with 15+ years of success inspiring teams in both small and large companies. Jason has a passion for creating new businesses and scaling existing businesses with thoughtful technology solutions and focused sales teams. His strategic thinking has helped corporations, organizations, private equity groups, non-profits, churches, and leaders be more innovative. Most recently, Jason was the Founder and CEO of BookShout, the world’s leading B2B e-book company which was acquired by Ambassador Enterprises (AE), a private equity group. Jason is also a published author and nationally-renown speaker.

Dr. Bill Hackett

Dr. Bill Hackett has served Southeastern since 1988, holding positions in teaching, administration and student development, including a five-year tenure as vice president for academic affairs (VPAA). He was appointed interim Provost in 2011 and later named provost in the spring of 2012. His 15 years of practical ministry prior to coming to Southeastern are a rich source of experience and wisdom that Dr. Hackett passes on to his students. Dr. Hackett speaks in churches and in district schools of ministry, and he speaks regularly at Southeastern’s chapel services. He also teaches practical ministry and Bible courses.



Former co-owner of Smith Monitoring which was recently acquired by a Fortune 200, NRG Energy. After serving as GM for several businesses lines in the Energy industry, James co-founded Zealot Ventures and is now working with exceptional entrepreneurs, through investing, growing, and selling businesses. James lives with his wife and three children in North Texas.



Jason is the founding pastor of Access Church, with campuses in Lakeland and Brandon, Florida. He also started Radiant Printing to resource the local church. He lives in Lakeland with his wife, Lis, and their three children, Joey, Gavin, and Ella.


Started Adobe Oil & Gas to manage mineral interests and RHB Exploration & Production for oil exploration. Bobby helped start and has business interests in accountant placement, computer software and credit card processing.

DAVID Briggs

Former Executive Pastor for 20 years of Trinity Church International in South Florida. David provides leadership and counsel to many of the largest ministries around the world. He is founder of Tricord Global, a nonprofit that provides microfinance loans in developing nations.