Umeshwari shared with us her story of how the Lord brought hope to her life and miraculously healed her from her sickness. What an encouragement and blessing!


Umeshwari grew up in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh and regularly went to the temple to worship idols throughout her childhood. While she was growing up, she became seriously ill. She began taking several medications to try to heal her sickness and ease her pain, but nothing could help her. Eventually, she just accepted that the pain would be something she would have to live with for the rest of her life. 


She had a few Christian friends who encouraged her to go to church to try to find healing. They told her that if you are prayed over in Jesus’ name, you can receive healing. The idea of finding relief from her sickness convinced her to check out a church and see for herself if Jesus could really heal her. While she only went to church to seek healing, she became more and more interested in Jesus and she wanted to know Him. 


Although she had yet to be healed, she returned to church to learn more. One Sunday, the Lord healed her completely. From this moment, she knew that Jesus was real and that He is the great healer. 


She was so excited and wanted to know more about the Lord. While she was searching, she came across a platform that could help her get connected and learn more about Jesus. She filled out the Unite Life form and got connected to a host. This host reached out to her and invited her to their Christmas program. She went to this program and even brought her brother! Her faith in the Lord only continues to grow. 


Umeshwari says, “The day I knew about Christ, I became very happy and I want everyone to experience this happiness.” 

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