We recently had the opportunity to speak to a brother, Sriramoji, and tell him about Jesus and the hope and healing he brings. Sriramoji is from Mahmudabad, a city in India. He comes from a family of orthodox Hindus and is a devout Hindu himself. He is deeply devoted to his gods and faithfully worships them. 


He recently called Unite Life, searching for hope, after his life was flipped upside down. His wife left him and took his two children from him. When this happened, he was left devastated and hopeless. He had no joy or peace. In the midst of his despair, he decided to try to seek help from the Christain God. He called us and said he knows that “if you pray to your God, he will answer.” We were excited to hear this and tell him more about God and His goodness.


He is open to Christianity and wants to worship Jesus. Since he is a Hindu, however, he does not yet understand that Jesus is the one, true God. Hindus believe in and worship several different gods, so when they hear about Jesus, it is easy for them to fit Him into the Hindu belief. The concept of a single God is a difficult one for them to grasp. We are working to disciple our friend and teach him truths about the Lord.


After he called Unite Life, we prayed for him and that he would find peace in this hard time and we assured him that God can restore anything. He was connected with a host who plans to continue to disciple him and tell him about the Lord. 


We are so excited that Sriramoji reached out and wants to know more about the God we worship, the one who restores. We are praying that God will touch him and reveal Himself as the one, true God. Our team also prays that he will find peace through his difficult situation and that the Lord will strengthen him.

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