This story from a man named Ramakant is a powerful one. It is one that shows how God can restore hope in someone who is completely hopeless and at the end of himself. He is the restorer of hope! 


Ramakant is from Patna, Bihar and was raised as a Hindu, believing in multiple gods. Without the hope of the Lord, he felt completely empty and burdened. He was tasked with taking care of his whole family after the death of both of his parents. Because of his mourning, heavy burdens, and troubles with his siblings, he became extremely frustrated and ready to commit suicide. The only thing keeping him alive was his family. 


While he was stuck in this dark place, someone told him he should do some research on the church and try to learn more about Jesus. He said that this Jesus would be able to free him from his despair. 


Ramakant was curious about Jesus and what He could do, so he went to Google and typed in “church”. From this search, he was directed to an advertisement for Unite Life. He filled out the form and was so excited to be connected with a host. The host was able to talk to him and pray with him. Ramakant could not wait to get plugged in to a church and learn more about Christ. 


He says, “Brother, I do not know fully about Jesus, but as I have learned from the Bible and have been going to Church, my attachment to Jesus is increased.”


He is still learning about Jesus and deciding if he is ready to follow him, but he says that if he does decide to follow Christ, he will follow him with everything he has and surrender fully to him. 


Be praying for our dear brother as he learns more about Christ. Pray that he will grow such a deep love for the Lord and choose to fully commit to Him. Also, pray that he will be able to regularly attend church and be discipled. 


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