We recently received a story from a woman named Usha Sasikumar. Usha has been seeking the Lord and learning more about Christianity, behind her family’s back. She began hearing about Jesus when she was a kid, and as she grew up, her curiosity and desire to know the Lord only grew.


Usha grew up in a strict Hindu family. Although her family was Hindu, growing up, she had several Christian friends that shared their faith and told her about the love of God. She wanted to know more about Jesus and develop a relationship with Him. Out of curiosity, she began reading the Bible from her phone without her parents knowing. One day, as she was reading on her Bible app, she saw an advertisement for the Unite Life platform. This ad really ministered to her, so she decided to fill the connect form.


Soon after she filed the form, a Unite Life representative reached out to her to get her connected. When she received this first call, she told them that she was not interested because she was with her family. Later, however, she called back and asked about getting connected and finding a host. The team member connected her with a host in the area.


Since getting connected, Usha has been regularly attending a Bible study and women’s prayer group. She is steadily pursuing the Lord and only wants to know more. She continues to do so without her family knowing. Pray for our dear sister, that the Lord would continue to reveal Himself to her and that He could use her to minister to her family.

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