We recently received a powerful testimony from a brother named Victor Bergeon. The man who called himself “the second Satan” saw the Lord completely transform his life. After meeting the Lord, he found freedom, healing, and forgiveness.


Although Victor came from a Catholic background, he did not know the Lord. He was living for the world and for himself. He was addicted to alcohol, smoking, and other worldly sins. Because of his addictions, Victor was heavy both physically and spiritually, and these bad habits had many negative effects on his health. Some of his health problems included severe joint pains and difficulty walking.


One day, while he was watching TV, Victor began to examine his lifestyle. He questioned why he was always drinking and smoking, even after praying to God. He was destroying his body and wasting his life because of his bad habits. That same night, a family member who was a Christian took him to their church.


While he was at church, Victor was able to let go of all of his idols and truly worship God for the first time. He said that while he was worshiping, all the heaviness that was inside him went away. He says that he began to feel light as a feather, and all of his joint pain went away. After the service, he connected with the host and received prayer over his life.


After Victor left the church, he was able to run home effortlessly and with no pain. He says he felt just like an athlete. The healing he experienced in his body was so far beyond what he had ever expected or hoped for. 


Now, Victor is connected to a church in his area, and he regularly attends services. He has begun reaching out and sharing the gospel with his neighbors in a predominantly Muslim area. He has also been taking Bible classes for new believers. We are so excited to see how God has completely changed our brother’s life. He now has a new hope, joy, and purpose in his life. All glory to God!


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