We received a story from a guest testifying about what the Lord has done in his life. After getting connected, he has seen God’s power in his life. He knows that everything he has heard about Christ is the truth.


The guest, Vilas found the Unite Life platform and decided to get connected. He filled out the connect form to receive prayer for some issues in his life. Although we do not know what these struggles are, we know he was eager to receive prayer and encouragement ant to get connected to a host. We got him connected to a host and a church in his area.


He later called us again to testify that the issues he had been dealing with had been resolved. The host called him and prayed for these ongoing problems. Miraculously, he was freed from them. Praise God!


Vilas also shared that he grew up hearing about Jesus, but he had never committed his life to follow Him and he was always filled with doubt. He told us that growing up, he loved to watch a TV show that told stories about Jesus. He did not, however, know whether or not these stories were true. After getting connected to the church, he says that he knows that everything he learned about Jesus while growing up is completely true!


Vilas now understands God’s goodness and power. He has seen it in his own life. He is thankful that his host took time to not only pray for him but to intentionally pour into him and tell him about the Lord. This host has been helping him to continue to grow in his relationship with the Lord and Vilas has been consistently pursuing Christ.



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