One of our representatives in Azerbaijan recently received a reply from a young boy in the area. He was curious to know about Jesus and Christianity. Through talking to him, the representative was able to lead the boy to the Lord. This boy’s name is Yakub (Jacob) and he is only 14 years old. We are so encouraged to see young people like this boy seeking out the Lord and giving their lives to follow Jesus! 


To get him talking, the representative first asked the boy if he had heard of the man in the Bible who shared his name. Yakub replied saying he was unsure if he had heard of the man Jacob. Starting here, the representative told him about Jacob, then Abraham, and the other prophets in the Bible. This led her into being able to talk about Jesus and God’s plan for salvation. 


She told Yakub that through God, we can have supernatural and everlasting peace and true joy. She said that once we accept Christ, all our sins are forgiven and are washed away by the blood of Jesus. After explaining all of this, the representative asked Yakub if he wanted to experience all Christ has to offer; a great peace and cleansing of sins. He answered with an enthusiastic yes! She then led Yakub in a prayer. He confessed and repented of his sins and asked Christ to come and dwell in his heart.


We praise God for all he is doing around the world in the hearts of young people just like Yakub! All glory to God!


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