We received this story from a woman named Yuvaneshwari. She owns a fruit shop in Sangagiri, and has been through many trials in her life. Before meeting the Lord, she was devoted to Hinduism. She learned that worshiping the Hindu gods could not free her from her struggles or bring her peace. She is learning that there is only true freedom in the Lord. 


While she owned her own fruit shop, Yuvaneshwari always wanted to devote her life to serving in the Hindu temple. Unfortunately, she fell into some debt with her business. This debt took over here and she was unable to return to her normal life. She went to the temple and for help. She tried several Hindu worship ceremonies and other remedies, but nothing worked.


One day, as she was working in her shop, a customer came to her and shared the love of Christ. They told her about the gospel and that Jesus could deliver her. She took what this customer said, but did not do anything with this information. One day as she was scrolling on her phone, Yuvaneshwari came across an advertisement for the Unite Life platform. This time, she was truly moved by the gospel. After hearing it twice, she was convinced that God was trying to speak to her. 


She filled the form and got connected. Now, she is attending a church in the area and praying for a miracle in her life. Pray with us for our sister. We are praying that God will deliver her from her debt and that she will grow in her relationship with the Lord.

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