How We Unite Life

Connect with people

Unite Life partners with churches and ministries to connect with people who are searching online for answers about God or church.

Connect with churches

Unite Life takes that church information and creates a living, location-based index to provide church information across the globe.

Connect people with churches

Unite Life directs each seeker toward a local church or church host in the Unite Life church network.


Unite Life is focused on giving every person the opportunity to connect with healthy Christian community. We partner with churches and ministries to connect with people who are searching online for questions about God or a church home.


Whether you are an individual, nonprofit organization, or church, there is a way to get involved with the work Unite Life is doing around the world.


As a member of the Unite Life Impact Circle, your monthly gift will allow our team of seasoned technologists to reach more people with this state-of-the-art platform.

Featured Stories from the Path

We are all on a path in life that intersects with the divine.  At Unite Life we hear stories everyday of the transforming power of Jesus. Here are some of our favorites.

Recognize the Sacrifice

It is amazing to see the way that God uses those who are willing to serve Him.  It is just as encouraging to see what comes from saying “yes” to God’s work.

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Searching for Clarity

A man named Navaneetha Krishna recently called searching for some information about God and salvation. He came with many questions and God is opening his heart to hear the truth of the Gospel.

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News, Updates & Articles

Read up on what Unite Life is doing around the world and hear stories of those whose lives have been forever changed by the power of Jesus Christ and Christian Community.

God is doing a great work around the world. This story came to us from our team working in China. Though Unite Life, we get to see so many people come to Christ but, unfortunately, we do not always get to hear about the way God […]
We recently had the opportunity to speak to a brother, Sriramoji, and tell him about Jesus and the hope and healing he brings. Sriramoji is from Mahmudabad, a city in India. He comes from a family of orthodox Hindus and is a devout Hindu himself. He […]
We know the God we worship is one who can bring peace and joy in the midst of chaos and brokenness. While we know this, it is easy to forget and lose sight of it. Sasi’s story is a great reminder of God’s goodness. It is […]

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